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Email Campaign

Continental Database email campaign services, on the other hand, not only make it easy to connect with your customers, but they also help you effectively stay in touch with them.

Lead Generation

Continental Database stands as an exceptional lead generation service, providing customers with an incredibly efficient and exceedingly cost-effective means to consistently generate high-quality leads for their business ventures.

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment services play a pivotal role in the transformation of data, providing enhanced insights by effectively cleaning, normalizing, linking, and enriching datas from any system.
About us

The Largest Pool of B2B Database

Continental Database owns and maintains over 150 Million opt-in mail records that are sourced through subscriptions from our online portals, surveys and monthly newsletter mail outs

Best Awarded Company

We adapt our delivery to the way your work, whether as an external provider.

Our Data Collecting Strategy is Diverse

Continental Database has formed partnerships with a diverse range of businesses and investors all over the world. Instead of relying on online searches or scraping, the vast majority of our data comes from our venture partners and active contributor community.

The Greatest Network Venture

Continental Database has the largest partnership with the venture community, with over 4,000 members in our Venture Program. In exchange for access to our data, these companies provide Continental database with monthly portfolio updates.

Engage Active Participants in Conversation

Each month, more than 600,000 business owners, executives, and investors update over 100,000 company, investor, and individual profiles. Our hundreds of thousands of monthly visits ensure that our data is current and accurate.


We are dedicated to serve you all time

To provide consultancy for preparing of all sorts of corporate law and any other services as the company may think fit and proper
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Continential Database

Unlock Your Target Market Successfully with Precise and Data-Driven Insights

Continental Database data-driven insights, consequently, power actionable and highly effective Go-To-Market execution strategies. Furthermore, these strategies are meticulously crafted based on comprehensive information and meticulously detected signals from:

1 B+

Documents Researched Annually

1 K+

Global Technology Vendors

1 M+

Verified Technology Installations

1 M+

Companies Analysed Globally

1 K+

Verified Technology Products

1 B+

Intent Signals Processed Weekly

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