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Amazon EC2 Customers List

Amazon EC2 Customers List

Amazon EC2, also known as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, is’s cloud computing and web service platform. It enables companies who use AWS to rent virtual machines or computers to run applications. EC2 provides secure, resizable computing capacity, making web-scale cloud computing easier for developers and programmers. With features like Augmented Networking, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), AWS Marketplace, EBS-Optimized Instances, Amazon CloudWatch, Auto Scaling, Elastic IP Addresses, and more, companies that use AWS can efficiently run their applications in the AWS public cloud.

EC2 operates on a pay-as-you-go model, allowing companies using AWS to select their preferred storage, CPU, OS, memory, networking capacity, access controls, security, and other software required for a virtual computing environment. This simple web interface allows companies on AWS to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction, providing complete control over their computing resources. The platform’s benefits include ease of access, security, cost-effectiveness, and the flexibility to select a platform of choice.

If you’re looking to connect with the largest AWS customers or companies who use cloud computing services, our Amazon EC2 Customers List from Continental Database can guide you. Discover the top 100 AWS customers, learn about AWS’s biggest clients, and explore companies that use AWS services. Whether you’re interested in Amazon Web Services for small businesses or the most common AWS services, our list will provide valuable insights. Connect with AWS’s biggest customers and understand what companies use AWS to enhance your cloud computing strategies.

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    Companies Using Amazon EC2


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    Companies that use amazon ec2
    Company NameWebsiteLocationRevenue
    Acquiawww.acquia.comUnited States$200 Million
    Orangetheory Fitnessorangetheory.comUnited States$54 Million
    Toyota Research Institutewww.tri.globalUnited States$65 Million
    Salesforcewww.salesforce.comUnited States$25 Billion States$29 Billion
    Pinterestwww.pinterest.comUnited States$2 Billion

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