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Continental Database captures, analyzes, and enhances CRM Data to provide top-tier results, enhancing the efficiency of your marketing campaign.

Why opt for CRM Information Enrichment services from Continental Database?
Enhances the value of your data and improves ROI
Aggregates and consolidates multiple sources of data
We clear duplicate, outdated & incorrect data.
We validate & verify the entire CRM information.
We renew old & obsolete information
Team of 150+ market researchers for CRM Information Refinement

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    Data Refinement involves enhancing data with essential information such as verified email addresses, telephone numbers, company details (size and type), postal addresses, and annual revenue. This process, particularly in CRM, is instrumental in driving leads and generating actionable insights for successful sales and marketing endeavors.

    At Continental Database, we provide real-time Data Refinement for both existing and incoming leads, minimizing research time and maximizing returns. Our dedicated team collaborates with data partners and vendors to ensure you receive the most recent and accurate customer information. Regardless of your CRM platform, Continental Database enriches your existing data with demographics, email addresses, telephone numbers, or any missing fields, aiming for progress in revenue growth and customer engagement.

    The CRM Information Refinement process comprises the following steps:

       1. Populating the database with signals from AI sensors to identify outdated data.
       2. Listing and flagging data that has passed its expiry date.
       3. Recording data for validity checks.
       4. Replacing outdated data with fresh and accurate information in the database.

    The benefits of CRM Information Refinement extend to improved lead scoring, proper customer segmentation, personalization, and an enhanced overall customer experience. Our goal is to facilitate your progress in revenue growth and customer engagement through effective data enrichment.

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