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TIBCO Spotfire Customers List

TIBCO Spotfire Customers List

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TIBCO Spotfire

Tibco Spotfire is a compelling enterprise analytical platform for driving valuable business insights. It includes a useful dashboard and interactive analytical app that is a smart, flexible, secure and scalable tool which provides data visualization, wrangling, discovery, and predictive analytics capabilities. The software offers executive dashboards, data visualization, data analytics and KPI push to mobile devices. The enterprise-ready BI and analytics solution with technical tool provides connectivity to the database including applications like ERP, CRM, Excel, and MS Access and big data tools. It is available in three different offerings and is suitable for any business intelligence and analytics requirements like Desktop, Cloud, and Platform.

Known as the best tool for business intelligence, Tibco Software is easy to use as a data analytics and powerful platform. It has the library that can be used to efficiently transfer the best analysis which helps speed decision making and delivers a framework for circulation of analysis. Tibco reduces the total cost of ownership by enabling users to build and publish 100s/1000s of users over Internet/Intranet, as MS PowerPoint or as PDF reports. It is smart, secure, governed and enterprise-class analytics platform that delivers AI driven, visual, geo and streaming analytics. It also supports access to users’ data library from the desktop via a browser. It Builds dashboards, analytics applications and visually explores data by sharing privately with users group or publish on the internet.

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    Companies that use Tibco Spotfire
    Company NameWebsiteLocationRevenueContact Info
    Amwaywww.amway.comUnited States$8 Billion(616) 787-1063$6 Million#ERROR!
    Cargillwww.cargill.comUnited States$134 Billion(952) 742-7575
    Cernerwww.cerner.comUnited States$5 Billion(816) 221-1024 States$29 Billion(404) 715-2600
    Egnytewww.egnyte.comUnited States$143 Million(877) 734-6983

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