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Enrich Data

Explore the Full Potential of your Data by Adding Data Enrichments

What are the benefits of Data Enrichment?

  • Helps you understand your data qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Better segmentation based on Technography and Firmography
  • Provides Psychographic profiling of contacts
  • Provisions Geo Tagged segregation of leads Lists
  • Increases reach to Key Decision Makers
  • Industry-wise segmentation of contact data

With our data enrichment services, we enable marketing, sales, and business intelligence leaders and key decision-makers with insights that can be analyzed and acted upon.

Narrow down on your most prospective customers.
Stream-line your sales funnels for better results.
Improve campaign deliverability to amplify your marketing success.

Helping you exceed your expectations

Compiling data from reliable sources

Tradeshows, email campaigns, events, surveys, websites, online directories, and blogs, and web registrations are typically the places from where we source data.

Making the data campaign ready

Our 800+ strong team of data validation experts invest their energies in appending missing information and adding intelligence to the data.

Rigorous validation process

Our contact center team verifies and validates the data of your email leads.We collect more customer details through tele-surveys and white paper download programs.

Cleansing of records for unique Data Set

Removal of redundant and duplicate records that have crept into the database and appending new data elements to the existing database.

Email Addresses Appending and Validation

Mapping existing data with a larger database of business data to arrive at a clean appended, accurate, and qualified data sets.

Social Media Appending

With our social appending services we help you map social behavior, interests, followers, and networks of your prospects along with their social IDs.

Geo-Location and Geotagging of data

Geotagging and Geo-Location based segregation of data enrichment enable you to run campaigns that are locale-specific.

Performance Optimization

Enriched data enhance reporting capabilities for you to derive analytics and streamline processes.

Bridging you to better contacts, sales, and revenue

Take charge of your campaigns!

With our data enrichment solutions you can effectively pitch:

  • Products and tools to the diverse markets
  • Solutions and services aligning with different business functions
  • Consulting solutions
  • Services to optimize, fine-tune existing, or upsell existing contracts
  • Add on software, outsourced services, and allied support

How you can achieve your campaign objectives with data enrichment?:

  • You get hyper-focused audience data that you can target from the word go.
  • Enables you to unlock intent signals with data intelligence that trigger the right action.
  • Helps you clinch and close the deal within short lead cycles.
  • Enables you to run locale-specific campaigns.
  • Helps you craft personalized campaigns with over 72+ intelligence fields.
  • Mapping of key decision-maker contacts for assured outcomes.
  • Proactively design campaign destinations.
  • Strategize campaigns with Insights about keywords on your prospects pages and Advertising spends.

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