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IBM Cognos 10 Customers List

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IBM Cognos 10 Customers List

IBM Cognos 10 Customers List

IBM Cognos 10 is a Business Intelligence tool that is web-based and windows-based user interface by IBM. The software provides a toolset for reporting, score carding, analytics and monitoring of events and metrics. Being the 10th and the advanced version of IBM’s Cognos software, it can be integrated with other IBM products like SPSS Predictive Analytics and Lotus Connect. Embedding business analytics into the solutions, it helps get faster with commercial analytics and unlocks the applications. It as well comes with mobile capability, where users can access a complete version of Cognos from mobiles, tablets, and smartphones.

IBM Cognos BI 10 is the revolutionary release from IBM that breaks down the barriers to analytics. It extends BI capabilities with planning, scenario modeling predictive analytics, and real-time monitoring. Some of the features that the software include are Templates and Style References which are available in both report studio and workspace advanced. It allows the new report properties in report studio and allows it to specify whether the pages should function as pages or tabs. The Hardware Sizing wizard helps take the guesswork out of allocating memory, hard disk and CPU to the dynamic cubes. It activates active report live preview and adds new My data sets to do more robust analyses. If you want to get in line with customers of IBM Cognos 10, our IBM Cognos BI customers list will help you.

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    Companies that use IBM Cognos 10
    Company NameWebsiteContact NumberRevenue
    American 963-1234$29 Billion
    Austin 972-0101$5 Million
    College of 724-7305$225 Million
    Comerica 599-0162$3 Billion
    Michigan State 355-1855$1 Billion

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